Acupuncture is a powerful healing modality when practiced with dedication and skill.


Why Rock Creek Acupuncture?


The most important factor in choosing any healthcare practitioner is trust. Everyone should know someone they can trust to help them when things go wrong; a devoted professional who knows their body. I am committed to building a community resource that changes lives. If you want to explore the full potential of your body's natural healing ability, you are in the right place. 


Herbal Medicine


If acupuncture is the media darling of Chinese medicine, herbs are the hidden treasure. Based on a systematic science refined over centuries, herbs are precisely combined to fit each patient's presenting pattern. When the formula fits the pattern, it's like turning a key in a lock. Everything changes. 

All herbs used at Rock Creek Acupuncture are tested at third-party American laboratories for purity and authenticity, and produced in GMP- ("Good Manufacturing Process") certified plants.